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how to clean your home like a professional house cleaning service

how to clean your home like a professional house cleaning service

what is their strategy:


• Change your strategy: biggest mistake to clean a house is to complete cleaning room by room. It is Slow and time consuming. You can clean either only kitchen or whole house in 4 hours. Most people focus on cleaning a thing or spot for long time. This is a waste of energy and time. The best and most effective way is to complete one step for the entire house and then continue on to the next step without losing focus on something else.
Most professional house cleaning service companies clean step by step.
What is the best place to start? The best place to start is an upstairs washroom. This is a perfect place to begin because you can keep your chemicals and tools there while you clean the entire house.
Professional house cleaning service companies begin from highest to lowest and left to right side of room. For example, first step to start cleaning is the highest level of shelves and each room from left to right side and continue.

Professional House cleaning service step by step:

1st Step of house cleaning: Dusting
Dust all rooms, sofas, wooden appliances, shelves, fences, photo frames and TV. It saves time to remove dust from all surfaces before you attempt to wet wipe any surface. To remove stains from fingerprints, spray a microfiber cloth with appropriate cleaning spray and wipe any stained surfaces.

2nd Step of house cleaning: To clean surface and change any fabrics Surfaces
Explore everywhere, change any dirty sheets, pillow cases, etc.

3rd Step of house cleaning: To clean mirrors and glass
Wipe off all glass and mirrors with two microfiber cloths and a glass cleaner, one wet and the other dry.

4th Step of house cleaning: To clean the surfaces
Clean all surfaces and kitchen counter with surface cleaner spray and disinfect if necessary. Remember, you should clean things like control of the TV, phone, door handle, keys and sockets.

5th Step of house cleaning: To clean kitchen and bathroom
Spray the detergent on the tub, sink, toilet and let it stands. Then go back and clean those. Next is the kitchen where you clean the microwave, cabinets and kitchen appliances.

6th Step of house cleaning: Wipe the floor
The next step is to disinfect and wipe all the floor.

7th Step of house cleaning: Vacuum cleaner
Start the vacuum cleaner from the bedrooms and then the living room as well as continue on the way out to the entrance of the house.


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